Complex and conflicting genetic variations of the Indian population and a large variation of chronic diseases based on the location and region are the major challenges in the huge population of India. CBMR likes to focus the research on prevention, early diagnosis (detection), and therapies for cancer, diabetes, and neurological diseases and study the correlation of these diseases with our genes; lifestyle, and environment aiming for genome-based personalized medicine in the future.

CBMR aims to create a new way of doing science, empowering the young generation of researchers to:

Disease diagnosis and biomedical research have a major impact on the quality of life of human beings. CBMR likes to train young scientists to explore novel areas with innovative approaches in biomedical sciences through interdisciplinary research on molecular medicine, NMR spectroscopy, molecular synthesis, and biochemistry. Our students and research fellows would not only be exposed to the latest in molecular and genetic approaches but would constantly be encouraged to examine their biomedical applications.